Community Care

The Community Care program is an enhanced benefit to BC/BS plan coverage and is provided at no additional cost to the individual. Our team seeks to ensure patients have better management of ongoing health issues, improved recovery and health outcomes, and identification of any available support or assistance.

Our goals include improving your health and enhancing the quality of care you receive as we work together with your healthcare providers. Those who qualify are assigned a health coach who is a dedicated partner in managing their care. We hope to give individuals the necessary tools to strengthen their relationship with their physician and health care team and encourage patients to take control of their health.

Health Coaches assist with:
• Assessing needs and risks, in the comfort of the home
• Providing education about medical conditions
• Connecting patients to needed community resources and benefits
• Communicating with a patient's doctor about their specific needs
• Teaching patients how to get the most out of their doctor visits
• Checking on progress and any changes or new issues
• Helping identify and achieve personal health goals

The patient's cooperation and active participation is vital to success. Together, we work to find solutions to health-related concerns and create a health care plan that is focused on the patient.